Why HOAs Should Update Their Playground Equipment

Playground Surfacing Equipment

The summer season is right around the corner, which means that children of all ages are already gearing up to run, jump, and climb all over community playgrounds. It’s the epitome of fun under the sun, and it’s also a place for children to engage in physical exercise and foster relationships with friends.

Unfortunately, playground equipment is not inspected and updated enough as it should be. Some playgrounds don’t have safety signs or playground rules. Others contain insect nests that serve as breeding grounds for ants, wasps, and bees. Even worse, some HOAs fail to inspect and replace weakened nuts, bolts, and joints, as well as ground material.

It goes without saying that HOAs should regularly inspect and update their playground equipment for reasons that extend beyond the safety of children. In fact, here are a few reasons why this benefits both HOAs and the surrounding community.

Improved Safety

Playgrounds are typically flooded with children throughout the day, which means that equipment, nuts, bolts, and joints are more prone to wear and tear. When these become rusted or weakened, the safety of the playground structure as a whole becomes compromised, which could lead to severe injuries.

In fact, playgrounds account for roughly 70% of injuries that occur to children. Slides, swings, and climbers are responsible for 88% of reported injuries, while 70% are due to falls to the ground. In some of these cases, injuries result in death, which may lead to lawsuits against the HOA in question.

To prevent such injuries and death tolls, it’s important to conduct regular inspections, install and maintain visible safety signs, develop a maintenance schedule, and replace any equipment that shows signs of wear and tear.

Increased Property Value

Another benefit of upgrading and maintaining playgrounds is how attractive they look to potential buyers. In fact, homes that are located near a park can expect an increased property value of 8%-20%.

The reason for this has to do with perception. Buyers love to see safe, family-oriented neighborhoods with high-quality playground facilities nearby, which leads to higher investments and resale values. Moreover, these facilities foster a sense of community and enhance the quality of life among the residents, which reflects positively on the HOA.

There are also additional measures to consider in order to increase the overall property value. These include adding community gardens, walkable areas, and mature trees, the latter of which increases the value by 2%-15%. In short, you want your community to be the best and offer the best, and in order to make this vision a reality, it’s a necessity to regularly update playground facilities.

Cost Savings

Updating playground equipment can lead to long-term cost savings for HOAs, particularly by adopting a more proactive approach when it comes to maintenance. If equipment is inspected on a regular basis and minor issues are addressed promptly, then this could prevent the need for major repairs and replacements, which are known to be quite costly.

Additionally, upgraded playground equipment is often more durable than older models, which reduces the frequency of replacements. This will help to extend the lifespan of playgrounds, even during adverse weather conditions, which saves money for HOAs on long-term maintenance and upkeep.

Newer playground equipment also typically includes warranties, which cover manufacturing defects, structural weaknesses, or faulty assembly, thus, further reducing or mitigating maintenance costs.

Update Your Playground Equipment Today

The focus on playground equipment is not just about prioritizing safety. It’s about saving money in the long run, increasing property value for prospective buyers, and creating a thriving neighborhood of happy and healthy residents. By regularly updating such equipment, HOAs can enhance the overall quality of life within the community, which, in the end, reflects positivity back on them. 

Southeast Outdoor Solutions can help to inspect, repair, and replace any type of playground and associated equipment. Our team is dedicated to ensuring playgrounds meet all ASTM standards, and guarantee the safety, durability, and compliance of all equipment. Contact us for a quote.