Why Dog Parks Are Good For The Community

Did you know that 55% of park and recreation agencies currently have at least one dog park. If you do the math, that’s one dog park per 41,500 people in the US.

According to Barbara Tulipane, the president and CEO of the National Recreation and Park Association, “Dog parks are among the fastest growing amenities park and recreation agencies offer. Whether it’s allowing dogs a chance to play off-leash or get exercise with their owners, having a safe space to roam freely benefits the surrounding communities.”

The Many Benefits of Dog Parks 

Dog parks offer so many benefits to everyone (and dog) involved. In fact they are great for:

  • You as a dog owner
  • Your sweet pooch
  • Your community 

How Dog Parks Benefit You as a Dog Owner

Dog parks aren’t just great for your dog, they are also great for you as a dog owner.

1. They help increase your physical activity.

Dog parks give owners the chance to be physically active with their furry friends. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, you should get at least 150 minutes of moderate intensity aerobic activity each week. That equals out to about 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week. Playing with your puppy at the dog park is a great way to meet those exercise guidelines. 

2. Dog parks give you the opportunity to socialize.

Dog parks are great for meeting new people. They give you the chance to connect with fellow dog owners. And since most of the people who frequent dog parks are dog owners themselves, you all have something in common. The love of dogs! 

3. Dog parks offer learning opportunities. 

Since dog parks give you the opportunity to connect with other dog owners, you can also learn some great things from these new contacts. You can ask questions you have about your dog. You get training tips or advice from other dog parents. You can also get advice on all things “dog,” like dog food suggestions, popular dog toys, best places for veterinary care in your community. The list goes on and on! 

How Dog Parks Benefit Your Dog

Dog parks are great for your dog!

1. They allow your dog the chance to release pent up energy.

Dogs need to move. And, depending on the dog breed you have, your dog may need to move a lot. And, if you happen to work all day, your little buddy is most likely stuck inside until you get home. 

A trip to the dog park is a great way for your dog to release some of that pent up energy after a long day of lounging on the couch. This can also lead to a better behaved doggie. More on that to come!

2. Dog parks allow dogs to play.

Just like play is important for kids, it’s also important for dogs. Dog parks are an actual playground for your four-legged friend. 

3. Dog parks offer dogs a chance to exercise.

Exercise is important for dogs as well as humans. A dog park is a safe place for dogs to run freely and get the exercise they need for their overall health and wellness. 

4. Dog parks give dogs the chance to socialize.

Yes, you read that right. Dog parks allow dogs to socialize with other dogs, and that is important because it helps dogs learn how to be around other dogs. 

5. Dog parks offer dogs mental stimulation.

Dog parks offer dogs mental benefits, including mental stimulation. While at the dog park, your pooch will have the opportunity to be around new sights and smells. This is a great mental workout for your pup. 

6. Dog parks often lead to better behaved dogs.

Like we said earlier, dog parks offer your dog the chance to exercise as well as release pent up energy. And, both of those can lead to a better behaved doggy because dogs that get their energy out at the dog park are less likely to act up, tear up the house, or munch on things you don’t want them to munch on, like your couch or favorite pair of shoes. 

How Dog Parks Benefit Your Community

Dog parks are actually great for your community as well. 

1. Dog parks lead to a more active community.

Because dog parks get people out and exercising, they help to create a more active and healthier community. 

2. Dog parks help make your community safer.

By securing a safe fenced-in place for the dogs in your neighborhood to run, play, and socialize, you are also helping to make your community safer. At the end of the day, dog parks help foster better behaved dogs in the neighborhood. This leads to less attacks. Also, according to PetSafe, “many cities have reported a drop in crime in parks that also have a dog park.”

3. Dog parks can attract new residents to your community. 

Communities that have dog parks show potential people moving to the area that your town is pet-friendly. This will help attract new residents. 

4. Dog parks can often reduce overcrowding in local shelters.

According to PetSafe, behavior problems are cited as the number one reason people surrender their dogs at shelters. And, because dog parks can help improve the behavior of the dogs who frequent them, having a dog park in your community can help to reduce overcrowding in your local animal shelter. 

Southeast Outdoors Solutions Can Create the Ultimutt Dog Park for your Community

Southeast Outdoors Solutions can build your community the ultimutt (See what we did there?) dog park! We offer play and exercise components for dogs of all sizes as well as dog-inspired products, like our paw-designed benches. 

Some of the dog park services we offer include:

  • Installing new bark parks
  • Updating existing bark parks
  • Replacing and updating ground surfacing
  • Installing benches, tables & more
  • Implementing COVID-conscious additions
  • Servicing new or existing bark parks

Let us help you design, outfit, and install a customized bark park for your community today! Give us a call (770) 709-5605 or start with our Project Checklist.