Physical Activity is Vital Year-Round and for All Ages

Physical Activity is Vital Year-Round and for All Ages

In the Southeast, we are fortunate to have temperate weather throughout the Winter and in early Spring. It’s easy to feel motivated when the weather agrees with you! The benefits when people do get moving are astronomical. Exercise delays aging, promotes digestion and has countless positive effects on mental wellness. For people who enjoy exercising outdoors or who want to start, finding an outdoor space can be tricky. These spaces are out there and there are more being designed all over the Southeast. Some of these facilities appeal to individuals and some are geared towards families or groups, but they all encourage us to get outdoors!

For Families and Individuals:

Especially in Spring, families and individuals alike are looking for a way to get out of the house. Areas that have dedicated walking paths or greenways provide plenty of space to get moving and Outdoor Community Gyms are becoming more popular as an alternative to a traditional gym membership. Outdoor Community Gyms have much of the same equipment designed for stretching or strength and agility training that you’re already used to. Changing your routine and exercising outdoors will feel like a whole new workout!

For Children:

Children in particular need regular and frequent exercise to promote development because physical and mental growth are very closely related. Spending time outdoors as a family is a great start, and there are even Outdoor Gyms in Schools that are available to the community and designed for kids. Infinity Playgrounds offer a space that stimulates the imagination and parks like Freenotes Harmony Park incorporate learning with play. Children who are raised using outdoor spaces for fitness and community will grow into adults who use the very same spaces!

For Teams and Groups:

While outdoor gyms and children’s parks meet the needs for individuals and families expanding their fitness routine, teams and groups can use dedicated spaces to offer activities that bring the community together. Sports Fields are always a sure bet and include tennis and basketball courts, soccer fields and structures that offer shade for the players. Some parks even include the stands for spectators to enjoy the game.

From individuals and families to teams and groups, when there is space available for people to get active outdoors, they will definitely use it!  Sometimes, though, people are stumped as to where to find a space dedicated to outdoor activity and fitness. This need is filled when members of the community come together to make sure there is a space for everyone to use. Teachers and school board members, parents and city council members have been looking for ways to provide the very outdoors spaces that can transform a community.

How to Get Started:

Creating an outdoor space that will be a well-loved asset in the community is a large project. Southeast Outdoors Solutions has experience in this process from start to finish and they’ve broken it down into 5 steps:

1 – Complimentary Consult:

An introduction to Southeast Outdoors Solutions is in 2 parts: a Project Checklist and a one-on-one phone call with a consultant. At the end of this call, we will schedule a Site Visit.

2 – Site Visit:

During the Site Visit, we learn about the vision for your project and offer our expert advice to optimize your space, maintain your budget and meet your deadline.

3 – Contract: 

After approving the design plan, we will complete a contract and a downpayment is required before any materials are ordered. Both the payment and contract must be completed before the project can begin.

4 – Installation: 

Once construction begins, we will install amenities, structures and components keeping up with your expected completion date. As the project comes together, we build all elements up to code for your state’s regulations. 

5 – Maintain: 

As your project is used and appreciated by the community, not to mention worn down by normal outdoor wear and tear, the structures will need to be maintained. Annual inspections will look for any areas that fall below code and faulty parts will need to be replaced for safety. 

When you’re ready to begin a project that will bring endless fitness and enjoyment to your community, visit our site and let us help you Build It!

If there are any questions we can answer while the scope of your project takes shape, feel free to call us anytime: (770) 709-5605.