Inspect And Fix Up Your Outdoor Playgrounds And Gym Equipment This Fall!

Public outdoor spaces that get a lot of use, like outdoor gyms and playgrounds, should be inspected on an annual basis, at the very least, to make sure everything is up to code. Ideally, these spaces should be inspected more often than just once a year, so if you are able to do it more than annually, that’s awesome! 

Because these spaces typically get so much use during the spring and summer months, the fall is the perfect time to conduct these inspections as well as make any necessary repairs, replacements, updates, or resurfacing before winter rolls in.

Outdoor Gym Equipment

In order to protect the members of your community that use any of your city’s outdoor fitness equipment, you should conduct a yearly inspection of all equipment. Athletic Business also suggests “keeping a detailed set of records for all inspections.”

Inspecting Outdoor Fitness Equipment 

When inspecting outdoor fitness equipment, it’s important that the hardware is checked thoroughly. Make sure all nuts and bolts are nice and tight. Athletic Business also says to look for signs of rust or paint loss and make any necessary touch ups.

Outdoor Playgrounds

Did you know that according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), more than 200,000 children are injured each year. 

Inspecting Outdoor Playground Equipment

CPSC has some great outdoor playground equipment inspection suggestions. Here are some of the tips we thought were really important:

1. Check wooden equipment for any splintering or cracking. 

2. Make sure all guardrails are nice and tight.

3. Check for any loose bolts or joints. 

4. Ensure that all “S” hooks (like those used to attach swing seats) are closed. 

5. Double check all climbing ropes to make sure that they are anchored at both ends.

6. Take a look at all rungs and handholds to make sure they are even with the support structure. 

7. Double check the depth of surface materials. 

8. Look for any sharp edges or points.

9. Inspect the park grounds for any tripping hazards, like tree stumps, big roots sticking out of the ground, rocks, etc. 

10. This probably goes without saying, but be sure to remove or replace any equipment that is damaged or unstable. 

Outdoor Playground Maintenance

In addition to conducting an inspection, there are a couple of things you can do to help keep your community’s outdoor playgrounds in tip-top shape.

  • Remove dirt, debris, and leaves.

The fall is a great time to give your outdoor playgrounds a good cleaning, a good time to remove any dirt or debris. And, don’t forget to get rid of any fallen leaves because they can create moisture and allow for mold and mildew to grow.

  • Protect any wood structures.

Protect your wooden play structures from decay and rot by applying a water-based sealant at least twice a year. The fall is a great time to knock out one of these applications to protect your playground from the harsh winter elements. 

Southeast Outdoor Solutions Can Design, Build, Maintain, and Repair Your Outdoor Spaces

We can design, build, repair, and help you maintain your outdoor spaces! 

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Whether you need us to design something from scratch, add to your existing outdoor space, or remove, reinstall, replace, or repair any playground or outdoor gym equipment, we’ve got you covered! Southeast Outdoors Build+Repair can also handle your essential needs, like inspections and ensure you are up to code and that you are meeting American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) standards. To learn more about our services, give us a call at (770) 709-5605, fill out this form, check out our interactive survey. We are currently booking projects for 2022, and we’d love to handle any of your outdoor space needs!