How To Revamp Your Outdoor Apartment Complex Space

How To Revamp Your Outdoor Apartment Complex Space

When potential residents look at an apartment complex, they aren’t just oohing and ahhing over the interior fixtures, features, and functionality; they’re just as interested in the outdoor comforts and conveniences, and how the public complex spaces can integrate with their lifestyles—particularly if they have children. Having a clean, secure, and safe outdoor space within the apartment complex can increase the value and appeal of your property and go a long way towards attracting new residents. If your outdoor apartment complex space has outdated or just ok amenities and playground equipment, now is a good time to give it an overhaul. Here are some things to consider.   


Playgrounds aren’t just for entertainment. When children are playing, they are actively developing motor skills, coordination, balance, a sense of direction, and social skills. Having a playground onsite offers residents a convenient and safe space to spend time as a family while promoting learning opportunities.  

Add or update playground equipment that provides play options for all age groups and interests including:

  • Ride-ons
  • Interactive musical play
  • Traditional swings
  • Combination play structures

Community Spaces

Outdoor apartment complex spaces create a sense of community. Whether out with children or gathering with other adults, providing a space for residents to socialize with one another gives them a chance to get to know their neighbors.

You can help encourage community interaction by adding amenities like:

  • Benches and seating
  • Outdoor dining furniture
  • Shade structures

Active Spaces

Kids aren’t the only ones who like to stay active. Built-in outdoor fitness spaces at apartment complexes are a popular alternative to indoor fitness centers and are very attractive for residents who like their exercise in the fresh outdoors. Provide amenities that cater to all fitness levels and interests like:

  • Courts and fields
  • Stand-alone outdoor workout equipment or combination structures
  • Climbing walls
  •  Walking paths
  • Bleachers

Whether you are building from scratch, updating existing equipment, or adding new amenities, Southeast Outdoors Solutions can help turn your outdoor apartment complex space into an inviting retreat that can help you attract new residents and increase renewal rates. We can:

  • Remove old playgrounds and install new ones.
  • Update existing playgrounds.
  • Replace and update ground surfacing.
  • Install benches, tables, and more.
  • Add fitness amenities.

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