GaGa Pits

GaGa Pits

GaGa Pits are all the rage right now, and many communities, camps, and schools are adding them to their existing playground equipment. 

What are GaGa Pits?

GaGa Pits are octagonal pits that allow for kids to play GaGa Ball. A GaGa Pit consists of “flat walls atop of a smooth surface.” The surface can be made up of lots of different materials like dirt, turf, sand, or even rubber. 

What is GaGa Ball?

According to an article in The New York Times, GaGa is believed to have originated in Israel. GaGa actually translates to “touch, touch” in Hebrew. It’s been a staple in many 

Jewish summer camps and community centers in the United States since the 1970s. And, GaGa Pits have recently started becoming a popular addition to daycares, camps, and schools.

GaGa is kind of like dodgeball, but it’s considered a “kinder and gentler” version of the aggressive game. The ball used can vary in size and form, but many kids play using a foam dodgeball or a rubber kickball

How Do You Play GaGa?

According to The GaGa Center, GaGa Ball consists of players “dodging, striking, running, and jumping, while trying to hit their opponents with a ball below the knees.

The GaGa Center lists these as the game rules/instructions:

1. To begin, the dedicated referee has the players in the pit put their backs and/or hands against the wall. 

2. The referee throws the ball into the air. 

3. The players shout “Ga” as the ball bounces three times. (The ball has to bounce three times, before it is considered “in play.”) 

4. Once the ball is “in play,” the players can move away from the wall and try to hit the ball at their opponents. Players should only be hit below the knees.

5. Players cannot pick up or catch the ball. They need to hit it with one hand. If they catch the ball or pick it up, they are automatically out. 

6. Anytime the ball touches a player below the knee, that player is out. If a player is hit above the knee, they can continue playing. 

7. A player cannot hit the ball twice in a row. 

8. The ball must remain in the pit. If a player hits it out, they are automatically out. But, if any of the elimited players catches a ball that is knocked out of the pit, they can jump back in the game. 

9. A second ball can be added to make it harder. 

10. The last player standing in the pit wins!

Why GaGa Pits are Awesome for Schools and Playgrounds

Here are four reasons why GaGa Pits are awesome and you should consider adding one to your existing playground. 

1. Lots of kids can play at one time. 

One of the best things about having a GaGa Pit is the fact that it’s a great game for gym class and/or recess because lots of kids can play at one time. A GaGa Pit can typically hold between 15 and 20 kids, so it allows for lots of kids to get in on the GaGa action. Plus, the game has a fast turnover, so when a kid is eliminated, they will get to play again pretty quickly. They aren’t standing on the sidelines or sitting on the bench for long periods of time like they do in other games, like baseball or kickball.     

2. It’s great exercise. 

According to, GaGa Ball games “move quickly.” On average, they last about five minutes. So, kids are “constantly moving.”

3. Portable GaGa Pits can be used inside.

Portable GaGa Pits, like the ones available from Southeast Outdoors Solutions can be set up inside, so kids can play year round.  

4. GaGa Ball is an inclusive game. 

According to The New York Times, “Gaga ball is extremely welcoming for all kids.” The GaGaSphere, also reiterates that GaGa Ball is known as the “great equalizer” in playground sports because it doesn’t require any special athletic skills or ability. And, it can also be played by kids of all ages. 

Southeast Outdoors Solutions Has GaGa Pits!

Southeast Outdoors Solutions offers outdoor gym/playground equipment design, installation, repair, and maintenance services for communities in AL,GA, MS, NC, SC, and TN.​ Whether you need stand alone pieces of equipment or a combination of structures, we can help!We have both outdoor GaGa Pits and portable GaGa Pits for indoors. To learn more about our indoor or outdoor playground equipment, including our selection of GaGa Pits, give us a call at (770) 709-5605 or click here to fill out our contact form.