What To Consider When Creating Your Wishlist For Your 2022 Commercial Project

If you’re looking to install new playground equipment, recreation centers, bark parks, fitness areas or to make upgrades to your existing commercial playground, we have some important information for you that we think you’ll find beneficial in your planning stage.

2021 Delays and Product Shortages

As the entire world is aware, we are experiencing a massive shift in the way of supply and demand.  According to the New York Times, delays, product shortages, and rising costs of materials are impacting both businesses and individual consumers. 

Take Toyota for instance. The New York Times recently reported that due to a shortage of computer chips, the automotive giant had to cut its global production by a whopping 40%. And, many other factories around the world are struggling right now and are having to limit their operations because they can’t get the materials they need, like metal parts and plastics. They are also paying more for these types of items due to rises in global shipping prices. 

The Great Supply Chain Disruption of 2021 is truly in full force, and it is causing a major blacklog for well…pretty much everyone. 

An Instapot World Vs a Crockpot World

Up until 2019 we were living in a utopia of an instapot world, where we could have almost anything we wanted at our fingertips in the matter of hours to days from a click of a button. With the status of the supply chain we’re reverting back to our less advanced lifestyle of a crockpot world, which requires extra patience and planning. 

According to a briefing recently put out by the White House, prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, the things both individual consumers and companies wanted and needed were easy to get. But, over the past 18 months, shortages and rising prices have been all too common. 

And, due to businesses, like Amazon, that typically offer quick delivery of the things we want and need, we just aren’t used to finding things out of stock with no idea of when these items will be available. In other words, we have gone from an Instapot world back to a Crockpot world, and it’s definitely been difficult for everyone.

Ready or not, it’s what we are facing, together. 

How These 2021 Delays and Product Shortages Are Impacting Us

The Southeast Outdoors Solutions team is also being impacted by these product delays and shortages. In fact, our playgrounds and other products are backlogged further than we’ve ever experienced. We are currently booking new projects out by about 20 weeks due to product build/ship time.

Thankfully at Southeast Outdoors Solutions we are a family-run business so employee shortages don’t directly affect us, we’re lucky in that regard. 

When inquiring on new builds, we’d love to help you out with a Crockpot mentality. We are currently booking projects for the spring and summer. Get in touch with us today!!