Outdoor Musical Instruments: Bringing musical enrichment to seniors every day

Music is proving to be the go-to medicine for senior citizens. Sound is a powerful tool that has the ability to bring an overall sense of peace and well-being. Research suggests that listening, singing or creating music can provide emotional and behavioral benefits for people with Alzheimer’s and dementia. 

The therapeutic benefits can enhance and alleviate common symptoms of anxiety and depression, as well as help improve concentration, increase mobility and coordination. 

Caregivers know that music for dementia patients can help residents stay happy and healthy. 

Benefits of Music for the Elderly

  • Encourages self expression 
  • Increases relaxations 
  • Enhances mood 
  • Improve working memory 

Sound gardens, what are they and who can benefit? 

A sound garden enables residents to interact with their environment while providing a healing outdoor experience. 

While seniors and dementia patients greatly benefit from our outdoor musical instruments these are also great for children to inspire creativity, self-confidence, and sensory development. 

There is nothing more important than providing our children and elders with a safe environment to play, learn and express their creativity.