New Supplier: Wisdom Playgrounds

Wisdom Playgrounds

At Southeast Outdoor Solutions, we’re always looking to collaborate with partners and suppliers who share our passion for safe, engaging, and educational playgrounds for children of all ages. We recently partnered with Wisdom Playgrounds to bring their eye-catching designs to our customers all over the Southeast. From cohesive structural designs to the little accents that delight children and adults alike, Wisdom Playgrounds creates spaces that are pleasing to the eye and provide a common gathering area for the community. 

History of Wisdom Playgrounds

For over 30 years, Wisdom Playgrounds has been designing, producing, and selling high-end preschool education products. The entire operation is housed under one roof with over 750,000 square feet. This creates a better experience for customers when the sales department shares a building with design and service. Whether you’re perusing the catalog and have questions about what designs are best for your space or you are looking for service on the system you already own, the answers all come from the same place. 

Innovative Designs

With over 700 National Patent Certificates, Wisdom Playgrounds takes their designs seriously. They share our passion for creating engaging, colorful, safe structures that will provide a communal space for play for years to come. They create different styles of structures that can then be pieced together like an a la carte menu, so you can create a structure as small or large as you need and that also fits your budget. 

Made from durable materials, Wisdom Playgrounds are built to last, providing years of play. Color plays a big role in their designs and each one has a different color scheme. We know color plays an important role in the development of children’s brains. Vibrant colors stimulate the developing brain and help children engage with their surroundings. 

The Qube series is one of the most unique designs we have seen, and we can think of endless ways to build it into an epic play structure. Instead of 90-degree angles for floors and walls, each piece of the Qube system is like a mini-jungle gym, making every square foot more engaging and challenging. 

Wisdom Playgrounds

Once you pick an overall design and begin planning the different components, you’ll also find the little accent pieces and additions that turn a regular playground into a Wisdom Playground. The Xylophone add-on brings music to the playground and engages children in a different way.  

Wisdom Playgrounds

They also have the age-old classics like tetherball and swings.

Wisdom Playgrounds

Whether you are looking to build a playground on the beach, near a school or library, in a backyard, or at your business, there are so many designs, you are sure to find one that fits your environment and is perfect for the kids who will be using it.

Fast Solutions

Planning a playground, choosing the structures, and waiting for delivery can be a lengthy process, sometimes spanning a few months. If you are eager to get a new Wisdom Playground for your space, they offer solutions that are available to ship sooner.

  1. Quick Designs: 28 pre-design options to choose from in 2 colors. Ships within 3 days or less.
  2. Custom Quick Designs: Semi-custom designs with 1,000’s of interchangeable components. Ships within 5 days or less.
  3. Full Custom Designs: Completely unique designs we create together for your space. Ships within 6-8 weeks. 

Depending on your timeline, budget and desired playground, Wisdom Playgrounds has a solution to match!

See the Current Catalog

We’re so excited to work with Wisdom Playgrounds and to see their designs pop up all over the Southeast being enjoyed by children old and young.